Michelle Kroll, Principal Photographer / Videographer

Michelle received her first camera at age 4. Lacking pocket money for film, she practiced taking photos with her empty camera until it broke, only 2 days later.

Today, Michelle has been shooting professionally for just over 22 years, and is just as passionate about photography now as when she was 4.

She received her formal training as a Photographer in the Royal Australian Air Force. Here she learned not only technical skill, but also the discipline to get the best shot possible every time, regardless of the challenge. Her persistence for perfection has stemmed from this, and has rewarded her with commendations throughout her career.

From her roots travelling in the Air Force, to freelancing nationally and internationally, Michelle has attained a diverse collection of experience and seems to find inspiration in everyone & everything around her.

Michelle still enjoys supporting the Air Force through producing corporate video productions as a Specialist Reservist; and also takes pleasure in guiding her son Thomas who has ambitions of being part of the next generation of professional photographers.

Thomas Lucraft, Junior Photographer / Camera Assistant

Thomas has shown a natural talent for composition from a very early age. Having grown up with photographer parents, being exposed to the world around him through the confines of a viewfinder was commonplace.

As a young adult navigating his way through school, he made the commitment to learn to shoot professionally, and bring the world as he sees it to those who may appreciate it.

Thomas is currently still studying in High School, whilst developing his technical photographic skills on the job as a Camera Assistant and Second Camera Shooter. His passions are currently reflected in landscape & travel photography, though he will take on any challenge extended to him.

Our Mascot - Another Happy Customer! (aka The Happy Snowman)

A few years ago, Michelle & Thomas took a holiday together to an amazing place called Palm Springs, California USA. Actually, not so much as a holiday, but more a bonding trip for Mother & Son (Mothers out there with sons will appreciate the significance of this!).

Palm Springs is so unique. It is located in the Californian desert, so can get rather warm! A very short drive out of town and you are in Palm Desert, at the base of Mt San Jacinto. A short trolley car ride to the top (approx a 6000ft journey) and you are stomping around in the most beautiful snow covered National Park! Where else in the world can you be in the desert one minute, and then 10 minutes later in the snow? Incredible! (For those that want to Google it: http://www.pstramway.com)

Whilst tracking deer footprints & watching the local birds shake branches of snow onto unsuspecting tourists, Michelle & Thomas decided to create their first snowman together. The result of course is our happy snowman, who is now a reflection of our drive to exceed each of our clients expectations through photography or video production. Our snowman has a magical way of bringing smiles to all who cast eyes upon him! We hope that our service to you is the same.